Why buy a pole barn kit from us?

Since 1979, Pole Barn Packages parent company, Cedar Supply, has been providing quality materials for the pole barn market. We know pole barn construction! Our expertise in pole barn kit construction will help you make the correct decisions for the exact size and style of building you need. Most important, you get high quality materials with excellent product warranties, the best in the industry.

Are your pole barn kits price competitive?

Absolutely. We only purchase high grade lumber and steel sidings from established distributors. And because we have been in the lumber business for over 30 years, we have excellent buying power which means lower pricing to you!

Tell me about your 3-D drawings when I purchase a Pole Barn Kit.

Once you commit to purchasing a Pole Barn Package from us, you will receive approximately 30 pages of 3-D computer generated drawings for your pole barn kit plus siding details, truss layouts, cross wall sections, etc. In other words, a comprehensive list that includes every detail you need to build your own custom pole barn. Compare this with our competitors. No comparison!

Do you charge for these plans?

We do not. Once you commit to purchasing your Pole Barn Kit Package from us, your own personalized plans are drawn up by our professional designer and presented to you so that you can take them to your local building department for approval.

Tell me about your steel siding and roofing.

We purchase all of our steel products from Metal Sales, one of the top metal distributors for steel sidings and roofing in the nation. Metal Sales has been in the business for 25 years and has a 45 year written warranty on all their steel products. This written warranty will assure you years of protection against cracking, flaking, chipping and peeling.

What gauge of steel do you provide in your kits?

Like the majority of our competitors, we recommend 29 gauge. However, if the customer chooses a heavier gauge we also offer 26 gauge material.

What about choice of colors?

Metal Sales offers 26 vibrant colors for both siding and roofing. You may simply choose from a color chart that we offer or you may visit their website to select your color.

Tell me about your wood components.

All of our purlins, girts or girders are #2 and better Inland White Fir that is widely considered to be the finest framing material available. Our post are #2 and better Hem Fir 6×6 timbers that are ground contact approved pressure treated and is backed by one of the strongest limited warranties in the industry. We also offer 3-ply laminated posts for additional strength when necessary.

Tell me about the trusses you supply.

All of the trusses that we sell in our packages are fully engineered for your geographical area and P.E. stamped certified for wind loads, snow loads and live loads. Our trusses meet or exceed all requirements for your local building departments truss specification.

Do your pole barn kits meet code requirements?

When we design your pole barn building, we design them with the guidelines of the General Building Practice in mind. It is up to the homeowner or contractor to verify that our drawings meet their local building department codes. If changes are required by your building department we can usually make changes to accommodate the necessary requests.

Can I customize my pole barn kit?

Most definitely! If you would rather have some type of wood siding such as T1-11 cedar or log siding, we can supply that. You can also include a smaller building attached to the main building with additional doors and windows. We can even provide you with a custom copola for the top of your pole barn building.

How long does it take to put together a Pole Barn Package?

Typically it takes approximately 3 weeks to have your complete Pole Barn Kit ready to be shipped. This includes having your steel siding and roofing pre-cut to the exact measurements for ease of installation and the engineered trusses built to your specifications.

What about delivery?

We also offer delivery right to your job site with a very reasonable delivery charge. This delivery charge is based upon distance traveled and number of deliveries required.

You mentioned that you have a contractor list?

Yes, we offer a short list of qualified contractors in your area who specialize in building Pole Barn Kit Construction. These contractors must meet certain company stringent qualifications in order for us to recommend them to our customers. Feel confident that any contractor we refer are professional, courteous and price sensitive.